Drez Family

In 2022 we wrapped our arms around the Drez Family: Erin, Caroline, and Tyler. Erin Drez lost her husband to a heart attack 3 ½ years ago and they have two children: Caroline (8th at Rising Starr) and Tyler (3rd at Oak Grove).  With tremendous loss comes tremendous grief and outwardly the family will amaze you while they process grief and tackle the checklists of caring for a home. The mission of Team Holland has always been to Give, Serve, and Love and the Drez family has been gracious to allow us a place to serve and an opportunity to bring “light” into their physical and emotional places. For this family Team Holland was able to bring light in the form of painting the inside of the entire home, installed new flooring upstairs, landscaping, fencing in the backyard, replaced the back deck, various minor plumbing repairs, and other minor household repairs. 

Give Serve Love