Who is Team Holland?

        In November of 2012 a small group from Legacy Christian Church and a circle of friends were driven to help put a roof on a house. The mission became known as TEAM HOLLAND. Cindy Holland lost her husband to pancreatic cancer in the summer of 2012. The team, inspired by Hank Lane and his wife, Kara, took it upon themselves to find a way to help her out. Hank Lane and Greg Creighton led a group of men to take off an existing roof and replace it with a new one. This event took place over the course of three days with many men on the roof and many women on the ground picking up old shingles and countless roof nails. Many of us had never even touched a shingle before, but the thought of coming together to a common cause was overwhelming, inspiring, and exciting. That weekend changed many of us forever as we were able to see what many people could do when our hearts and hands work as one to help a neighbor. Ultimately, we agreed that we needed to do a similar project every year in November with a mission to help someone in need. Our hope is that by showing people what inspiration and faith can accomplish that we will inspire more groups to seek out neighbors in need and help fill that need.  

        Each year we work with a family to help with their needs and bring people together to serve and have fellowship.  This year we get to wrap our arms around the Drez Family: Erin, Caroline, and Tyler. Erin Drez lost her husband to a heart attack 3 ½ years ago and they have two children: Caroline (8th at Rising Starr) and Tyler (3rd at Oak Grove).  With tremendous loss comes tremendous grief and outwardly the family will amaze you while they process grief and tackle the checklists of caring for a home.  The mission of Team Holland has always been to Give, Serve, and Love and the Drez family has been gracious to allow us a place to serve and an opportunity to bring “light” into their physical and emotional places. Some things that we will be doing: painting, yard clean up, building of shelves, home repairs, and maybe a few other things. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone that might be interested.

Team Holland Nominations for 2023